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  • A secret, purchased to survive Y2K; now a refuge shared to give people an escape from the madness of our busy world.
  • A perfect place for your family, relatives, friends and business associates to recreate and grow relationships.
  • A venue to meet local talent and expose yourself to new ideas and interests.
  • A place for personal healing, spiritual growth, and physical renewal.
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Yes there is a way to stay at Lifewater Ranch for FREE!  In the off-season (anytime we don’t have paying guests) you can offer to stay here in exchange for labor.  The deal is you give us 4 hours/day of your best work and we give you free room and board.  We limit stays depending on how much work we have and how much we need your talents  but generally you can expect to stay up to 2 weeks at a time this way. (we like to share the experience with lots of people)

Work is varied and goes from easy to hard and athletic.  I have a vision for this place that will likely take the rest of my life to accomplish.  That means we have PLENTY of work for you!  You can stay in the same rooms our guests would use all the way down to camping – its up to you how rough you want it.  Note that if you come during our season (June-September) it is possible you might get bumped by a paying customers.  If you are willing to pay (half-price) and work, we can lock out any other guests for you.  Our needs for help are highest in the Spring and Fall but anytime is a good time to come by and help us out.

A video for our WWOOFers!

4 Responses to Lifewater Ranch is for you!

  1. Myrna says:

    How many acres


  2. Ashlei Ryan says:

    Do you allow weddings on the property?


  3. sanfords says:

    Yes we have and do but I got married last April and my bride and I are taking the year off to settle in. Give us plenty of notice and what dates and we will see what we can do.


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