More fun from the forest

This last weekend was one of Darcy Williamson bigger events at Maven’s Haven in Lucile Idaho.  This is Darcy’s vacation home where she was raised as a child.  It has the same outdoors nature loving atmosphere as her home in McCall.  Darcy is vary open and giving of herself and her home to fellow herbal and nature enthusiasts.

I arrived on Saturday afternoon and enjoyed a brief stay where I participated in a barter fair and purchased some lavender sweet bread.  The fair sported many arts, crafts, foods, and herbal products.

I came back the next day and attended a Thai Massage class.  Such a DEAL!  Only $20 for a full massage and instruction!

Renee Silvus (left) instructs us.

Not bad pampering for 2 solid hours for only $20!

Then I attended a class on making home vinegar.  We got to sample a wide variety of vinegars from the instructor’s stash.  Vinegars become the basis of pickling and that process lets you store foods without refrigeration.  The medicinal effects of fermented foods are also of very high value.

Lots of samples to taste!

Ladies in the Vinegars Class

Later on I went fish for steel head in the river.  I did not know it but this event was not part of Darcy’s program.  We didn’t catch anything but still had a good time.


Largely the population of Lucile was on the boat fishing with us.

After that we spent the evening at todds house located across the river from Maven’s Haven.


Todd – the Idaho maniac of creativity and stubborn self reliance.

Todd is the epitome of Idaho independence.  He served us Elk roadkill – now legal in Idaho.  Todd built this incredible house – all by himself – which I took many pictures of:


The Stairway to Heaven?


A unique door arch.


Open air bath and shower.


Bed under the stars.


The kitchen – just the bare necessities.


From the back.

Note that Todd has written several books.  One I saw had him on the cover skiing down a rock slide buck naked – a ski maniac as well.

Oh yes, and this is Darcy at her home known as Maven’s Haven in Lucile Idaho, working through the logistics of the day.


Darcy Williamson


I just got my Ruralite magazine in the mail today.  Check this out!

Darcy Williamson on Ruralite 001A nice article inside.  Currently the November issue isn’t up on the website but it should be soon.




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