The Lifewater Vortex


Well, actually it’s not Lifewater’s vortex, but it belongs to the general area I am in.

A few weeks back I was invited to an adjoining neighbor’s home who bought that property from an ex-Intel engineer.  The previous owner liked to build yurts on his property and the builder of my ranch, Joe Schnell, was actually hired to build one of the yurts back in 2000. The strange thing is that Siri, the owner, insisted on not taking down any more trees than was necessary to build the yurt which cost Joe a lot of time and headaches.

Well, at the new owner’s home where I was visiting, he showed me his remodel of the yurt – adding a second floor and lots of very cool remodeling inside and out.

Then he shared with me the secret.  That yurt was built on the exact spot of an energy vortex.  This was discovered by a water witcher when Siri owned the property.  The witcher just found this spot where his divining rods went nuts and said he had never hit a vortex like this before.  (Something like what Sedona Arizona is known for)

I suspect our temperate micro-climate here is due to that vortex.  I suspect Siri knew that and that is why he built his yurt on the exact spot of the vortex.

I also suspect that is possibly a reason why I have always felt very special about this place.


About sanfords

Ex Microsoft Dev for 20 years. Currently retired at my ranch in Idaho near Kooskia. I like coaching Chess for kids so let me know if you are interested in those services.
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