Greenfield/Claunch Visit

We had the opportunity last week of hosting a couple of relatively famous individuals at Lifewater Ranch.  Ben Greenfield is a speaker, health evangelist and life consultant on a global scale that found our place via his friend Christopher Claunch who is a master fisherman and chef among other things.  They opted to have me stay with them which saved them significant money and allowed me to serve them while they were here.

The purpose of their visit was to give Ben some quality time with his twin boys, River and Taran.  Chris taught the boys how to fly-fish at our ponds and on the nearby Clearwater River.  Chris allowed me to tag along on one of their fishing forays where they were hunting for Steelhead – some of the most challenging kinds of fish to catch because they don’t eat while spawning.  Chris found this amazing place where there were dozens of Steelhead passing by constantly.  He told me that the day I was with them they had probably 65 bites – but unfortunately didn’t catch any till the next day.

We also enjoyed Chris’s unique and very tasty dishes that mostly followed a Ketogenic dietary style.  Chris also availed himself of dips in our cold pool to boost his metabolism. The Hot Tub was, of course, a nice post-chill spot to enjoy after the freezing experience in our early-spring-solar-heated pool.

I also got to spend some time with the boys doing chess and I taught them how to use a chess clock and play Siamese chess.

We also did a podcast from the ranch over dinner with some guests.  I will post a link to it here when it’s up.

So here, in no particular order are some shots from their visit – they both rated us with 5 stars and say they will be returning! 🙂

Greenifields Learning Fly Casting W GunsAndDuns.JPG

Teran practices casting at House Pond at Lifewater Ranch


Ben enjoying some Steelhead fishing on the Clearwater River


River gets a bite as Ben tries to net it – it got away unfortunately.


Chris carries River across the River… uh yah!


Ben shows off his catch


Our podcast/dinner with friends.  Nice job on the food Chris!


Oh yah!  Healthy and tastey bites for Ben!


The boys enjoying our 45′ swing


Pickles, Steelhead and bacon – what a combo!


Siamese with the boys and Ben and I


A fast moving and unpredictable game of skill!


We ate like kings the whole week.

Tarren relaxing watching the GotFishing show.JPG

A nice shot of one of the twins – I can’t tell them apart!


Our two guests making plans for the week.  Visit their sites and say Hi!


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Ex Microsoft Dev for 20 years. Currently retired at my ranch in Idaho near Kooskia. I like coaching Chess for kids so let me know if you are interested in those services.
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