Our Hot Tub – some cool features most places don’t have

Not only do we use a top of the line brand (Sundance) hot tub but we use minimal amounts of shock and chemicals to keep it clear.  In addition to the tub being outdoors giving you a beautiful view of the valley and sky whatever the weather may be, we also have music available via nearby outdoor speakers controlled by a PC that of course can play CDs or MP3s via a USB stick.  So on your next visit, consider bringing your favorite music on a USB stick or a CD and listen as you soak.  My entire personal collection of music is also available for your listening pleasure.

Long ago, before we had the Hot Tub, in the summer months, we could often get the pool up to 100 degrees via the solar panels and we would float on noodles in the pool at night and watch the stars.  You can still do that at the right time of year, but now you can do that anytime in the hot tub.

The tub also features mood lights built-in so you can see each other when soaking at night.

Lifewater Ranch is so remote there is no light smog you get in the city.  If you turn out all the lights in the house you can see the milky way, all kinds of stars on a clear night, and often spot shooting stars and satellites.  We offer a plastic disk that helps you identify the constellations while you soak.

Oh yes, the photo above shows my floating chess set – a kind of cool distraction while you soak.

And one more nice thing – in the cooler times of the year, the pool is quite cold while the hot tub can be brought up to nice high therapeutic temperatures.  By moving between the two pools you can give yourself some very good hot/cold hydrotherapy and leave invigorated for your next adventure or relaxed for a great night’s sleep.

So whether you want a romantic soak with your spouse, chill time for yourself, a place for the younger kids to safely play while you swim in the pool, or a quiet and comfortable place to talk, play chess, or watch the stars or the trees, Lifewater Ranch’s Hot Tub is for you!


About sanfords

Ex Microsoft Dev for 20 years. Currently retired at my ranch in Idaho near Kooskia. I like coaching Chess for kids so let me know if you are interested in those services.
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