The Grills


We have both a regular propane grill and a top-of-the-line Traeger Smoker.  Denver our dog loves it when our guests grill – because he usually gets the bones!  The grill is simple to use and perfect for hot-dogs and burgers or grilled steaks.  The smoker is AMAZING in that it is temperature controlled.  Put in what you want done and use our official Traeger cookbook to set things up just right.  Then go fishing or for a hike and when you get back… mmmmm you will be very pleased with perfect, tender and juicy smoked chicken, salmon or whatever.  Don’t forget that the Kindred Family farm has available for you organic grass fed chicken, eggs, pork and beef raised right here at Lifewater Ranch, or available from close-by neighbors for you to cook up.

And of course, our kitchen inside has an oven that also is good enough to bake bread in.

Denver want’s you to come and enjoy our grills soon!


About sanfords

Ex Microsoft Dev for 20 years. Currently retired at my ranch in Idaho near Kooskia. I like coaching Chess for kids so let me know if you are interested in those services.
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