Newsletter #5

Hey all, I’ve been busy and so haven’t sent a newsletter since May 10th, 2017!!!  Bout-time I sent one.  Many of you receiving this were subscribed by a bot – this may be good or bad for you.  All those that came in via a bot will only received this one newsletter.  To subscribe to them all in the future visit our website and fill in the subscription form. (

Make a reservation today and enjoy LifeWater Ranch!

Here are links to all the blog posts I have made since the last newsletter – there is always something new going on at Lifewater Ranch – Join us this summer.

Attack of the Chickadees (2) Attack of the Chickadees

Wild Plumbs Thumb Wild Plums!

Thoughts while mowing the lawn Thumb Thoughts while mowing the lawn…

A walk along my creek Thumb A walk along my creek (Lots of pix and a video!)

Spring is the month of surprises Thumb Spring is the month of surprises

More beauty than you can shake a stick at… and we have a lot of sticks too! Thumb.png More beauty than you can shake a stick at… and we have a lot of sticks too! (Lots of pix!)

Our Cattle Love Spring! Thumb Our Cattle Love Spring!

Building a carport for guests Thumb.png Building a carport for guests

Deep fried eggs! Thumb Deep fried eggs!

The Geese have arrived! Thumb The Geese have arrived!

Slime dog millionaire Thumb Slime dog millionaire

What_s this Vibe Thingie Thumb What’s this Vibe Thingie?

A lot is happening this fall here Thumb.png A lot is happening this fall here

Tips on making good burn piles Thumb Tips on making good burn piles

Our first Cancer Cure!!! Thumb Our first Cancer Cure!!!

Lumber for our first new building Thumb Lumber for our first new building

New bird feeder Thumb New bird feeder

Bunk to TrundleThumb.png Bunk to Trundle

WWOOFer Ambasador Thumb.png WWOOFer Ambasador

Our Digital Music Workstation Thumb.png Our Digital Music Workstation

Guest Article 7 Tips for your first fishing trip with the kids Thumb.png Guest Article: 7 Tips for your first fishing trip with the kids

Our First Wedding! Thumb Our First Wedding!

See this article… Thumb.png See this article…

Money Thumb.png Lifewater Ranch GoFundMe Campaign

Can you imagine all this for as little as $150/week for a group of 10 guests?

This is my vision, excellent rest and fun for families at an affordable price!


Lifewater Ranch is MUCH easier to get to than Fantasy Island!


About sanfords

Ex Microsoft Dev for 20 years. Currently retired at my ranch in Idaho near Kooskia. I like coaching Chess for kids so let me know if you are interested in those services.
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