Doin the Dry Fast

So here at Lifewater Ranch I, my wife, Dr. H and a guy who we will call “Jake” are doing dry fasting. My wife hopes to do 5 days, Jake and Dr. H are thinking of going for 7 days and I am shooting for 11 days.

This will be my 4th dry fast and my second 11 day one. I am at around the 31 hour point in the fast and this is the hardest part to get through. Hunger pains are still there and of course thirst is ever-present.

We did a bit of prep coming into the fast and are all doing well so far. Dr. H. is taking vital signs: Saliva and Urine pH, blood sugar levels, pulse, blood pressure and temperature. We are logging this data into individual journals of our journey.

I am scheduled for some minor surgery soon after the fast and will bring this data to my Dr. and get a full blood test and let him see my numbers and take some for himself.

Both my wife and I are diabetic and a dry fast affords us an easy way to get into a very strict “reset” diet for our diabeties. It will likely be April before I begin to eat somewhat normally but this should really make a dent in my diabetes.

We didn’t do a very good job of promoting this fast but it is my hope that more people will appreciate the benefits of dry fasting and realize that this 1-2 week stay at Lifewater Ranch is well worth the $350 price tag.

We learned about dry fasting from this book. Check it out and consider doing one here. Our plan is to do this twice a year and everyone in the house will be fasting together so there is very little temptation and lots of benefits, especially with the oversight of a fellow, who is an energetic Chiropractic Nutritionists, RN and CMT having a good reputation in the area such as Dr. H. The hot tub is always open with fresh chemical free water. The pool right now is frozen solid but for those that want to at a warmer time, you can take a chill dip there as well. Cold water actually feels real good when you are dry fasting.

Right now I am feeling less stiff than usual, no sinus or lung issues (which I have been dealing with for the last 2 months), having some crazy dreams (my Pineal Gland must be decrystalizing) and mentally solid. A little weak physically and of course hunger and thirst but otherwise I feel it is really working for me as usual.

More on this here as the fast progresses!

5.5 days into the fast

I am quite weak, thirsty and my stomach feels like it shrank to a pea.  Yet I have none of my usual aches or arthritis pains and my blood sugar levels are less than half of where they were when I started (360!).  In the past couple of days I have been a bit irritable due to, I think, the relatively low blood sugar levels (for me)  but otherwise I am doing well.  My blood pressure seems to be coming down and my temps have been rising from below normal levels to normal over the days.

Dr. H has been measuring urine and saliva pH, blood sugar levels, blood pressure, temperature and weight for all of us daily.

Jake has been having bladder relief problems due to an enlarged prostate.  Dr. H spent many hours with Jake doing massages and applying herbal remedies topically but to no avail.  Eventually, yesterday, Dr. H applied a catheter to Jakes bladder and drained it much to Jake’s relief.  Dr. H will be continuing to watch Jake closely for any continuing problems.

We are all doing well, passing the time in the hot tub and watching a movie or documentary each day on the big screen from my large collection of videos I have accumulated over the years.  We each have our own bedrooms to sleep or rest in and daily are insufflating with water into our colons to maintain minimal hydration.

All our pH’s (urine and saliva) are quite acid, indicating a good acid shock that causes the body to burn fat and kick the immune system into high gear, and purging us of parasites.  Some experts say that by the 5th day your entire system should be free of parasites but others say only the digestive tract is free while other systems such as the lymph system will retain some parasites.  All experts we know of seem to agree that by the 7th day you should be free of all of them.

I discovered that using a wet washcloth on my head when I sleep has helped to relieve the radiating effect I get from the burn off. I highly recommend it.

Dr. H, at the 5th day point, recommended we all sleep with garlic and onion on the arches of our feet for the night so we all did so, giving the body a nice exit point for parasite eggs and dead adults.

We turn off the WiFi to minimize needless exposure to RF radiaiton at night and all sleep fairly well.

Kim broke her fast a few hours before the 5 day mark and is sipping water and broth and electrolytes.  She has to leave for Seattle in a few days so had to break the fast early.  Jake and Dr. H plan to break their fasts at the 7 day point and I am going to try to go a full 11 days.

Yes, I am just half way through at this point.

Day 8 of the fast

It’s Saturday right now. Yesterday (Friday), Jake and Mark broke thier fast at 3pm. I was going to go longer but I had a minor surgery for a cyst on my back on Friday and it would not allow me to shower or use the hot tub for several days. I was extremely weak and thirsty and realized I had some obligations coming up that I simply would not be able to do had I not broken the fast early so I decided to enjoy a glass of water with Jake and Mark today. I very quickly felt much better and within hours was functioning with much more energy.

As of now we are both still drinking liquids but all feel much better to be off this difficult fast.

I think one of the best things about this was our ability to really get to know each other better while we discovered things about our bodies at the same time. Fasting together can have some rough spots if your personalities don’t jive but our group did quite well. My wife was less blessed because we didn’t have another worman for her to interact with during the fast but she did fine as well.

Seeing the relief Jake had at Dr H’s hand was a great blessing. It raised my confidence in being able to pull such a fast off.

Jake’s Testimony:

Favorite thing: Getting to know the people here.

Could be better: The bed could have been better.

Would you recomend this to a friend: Yes

Would you do this again here: Yes

Comments: A very fruitful endeavor. You get to know your body better.

Dr. H’s Testimony:

Favorite thing: Working with Jake and seeing him gain revelation about his body. I was happy I could keep supporting everyone while dry fasting myself. The hot tub and deck and the view are awesome. The tree feremones were so healthy to breathe. Sitting in the sun on the deck in our shorts with snow on the ground was very cool. Walking and deep breathing in the snow just invigorated me. Taking short walks in the woods. The cold is so nice when you are in kito mode. [That’s where your metabolizm burns fat instead of sugar and kicks the immune system into high gear.]

Could be better: We need a railing in the upstairs shower. Would be better if we had a separate kit of tools and such for each person. The stairs are a bit of a pain when you are dry fasting. A basket on a rope would have been helpful.

Would you recomend this to a friend: Yes

Would you do this again here: Yes

Comments: I cannot fast and handle more than one person with serious health issues.

Day 14 of the dry fast event.

Jake, as he started coming off the fast on day 7 began to attempt to empty his bladder. This was not happening. Dr. H noted that his prostate gland was swolen and possibly blocking his bladder from emptying. It was discovered upon examination that Jakes bladder was distended nearly up to his belly button and had likey, for years, been displacing his small intestines in a way that caused him to have a big belly when he started the fast. Dr. H applied many topical, massage, and insufflation techniques to help Jake detoxify and kill off pathogens for Jake. After a couple of days of this, it became necessary to relieve Jake’s bladder with a catheder, to Jakes great relief of pain! Soon after this was done, Jake’s belly became flat. However, after several hours, Jake’s guts were in great pain.

Dr. H surmised, with examination both physical and energetically, that Jake’s intestines were restoring themselves to proper alignment after the bladder was emptied. However, as the intestines moved relatively far from where they had been for years, great pain was caused by the supporting tissues that had grown around the intestine for support. Jake was in a deep healing crisis!

After some time of pondering upon this problem, Dr. H decided to subsequently only empty Jakes bladder half-way, restoring the distention closer to the point it was before relief. Jake was in great pain, both from the full bladder and the intestines, and quite exhausted. He was unable to take much sustenance with liquid foods because it would cause more urine production and bladder complications, thus Jake was forced to change his fast from a dry one to a “moist” one, effectively extending the fast several days. As the intestines were somewhat relieved of their radical movement by the half-full bladder, the pain subsided and Jake went into a deep sleep, breathing hard as his body was demanding large amounts of oxygen to heal.

Then, Jakes belly grew back again to its distended state but Dr. H determined that his intestines were not blocked but that likely, there was an anerobic infection taking place that was swelling the belly area. It was suggested by me that giving Chlorine-Dioxide every hour would kill off any anerobic bacteria and give Jake relief, so we gave it a try.

Within about 24 hours after starting the standard CLO2, small dose every hour, protocol, Jakes pain and swelling subsided significantly. Bladder emptying with a catheder was continued as needed and eventually brought the bladder towards a more normal, close to empty, state. Pain was relieved but Jake was exhausted and even Dr. H by now was weak as well, having been coming off the fast himself while exerting much energy in caring for Jake.

Jakes bladder was still blocked despite having been relieved several times with a catheder. Dr. H surmised that Jake might have a neurological issue, as inserting the catheder was going relatively easy so there didn’t seem to be a physical blockage causing the problem.

We moved Jake into my bedroom on the main floor to avoid the stairs to his room and let him rest for 3 more days while I moved downstairs to sleep.

It was now day 13 and Jake’s wife and daughter came to pick him up and take him home. Jake was able to walk out of the house with some help and handle coming the rest of the way off of the fast at home. Dr. H packed his stuff up and left as well. My assumption is that Dr. H is still consulting with and caring for Jake as he continues his recovery.

Nothing that was done for any of us during this fast was invasive or un-natural or capable of much harm yet the radical complications of the deep cleansing and healing of the fast for Jake did create some serious problems. I am so thankful that Dr. H was on hand to handle this situation, which was probably high on the scale of possible problems that could happen from a dry fast like this.

Jake was a candidate for these complications because he had a long history of health issues. Dr. H had been preparing Jake for weeks before the fast, taking all kinds of precautions to ensure that it went safely and effectively for Jake. Jake was setup for a very deep and effective cleans much better than the rest of us but he had a lot more issues to deal with during that fast. On hindsight, I would recomend people in Jake’s situation start for shorter wet and then dry fasts, building up the depth of healing slowly over months. I have personally been doing fasting since I was in college and am quite used to the detoxing effects.

During the fast Dr. H was reading the riveting testimony of a dry-faster from Siberia that gave him many new insights on how to improve the process. In his words, it was “providential” how everything went for all of us.

At no time did Jake regret doing this. Even with severe pain and some humiliation in his weak and helpless state, Jake was extremely pleased to have done this fast. I am happy for Jake. It will likely take about a month for Jake to fully recover from this healing time but I am pretty confident that by that time, he will be feeling better than he has in years. He plans to come and install hand rails into our bathrooms for us gratis once he gets his strength back.

We shall keep tabs on Jakes recovery here. As for now the dry fast itself is over but all 4 of us will be continuing strict dietary controls to maximize our benefits from this fast. Kim and I have hopes of completely curing our diabetes – but we shall see. I have had this condition for 30 years has has Kim.


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