Lifewater Ranch is:

A place for active people that want to: Fish, Hike, Bike, ATV, Motor-cross, Hunt, Exercise, Swim and relax after a hard day of fun in our hot tub.

A place for the curious who what to learn new things about: Working farms, organic gardening, herbs, and alternative therapies.

A place for the sick who can get some serious rest and relaxation in addition to availing themselves of local talent and natural food to help them get well.  We have a heart for the suffering and want to help any way we can.

A place for the tired that simply want to slow down and escape the world’s constant stressful inputs.

A place for the social person that wants a place that comfortably sleeps up to 10 in beds (many more using couches and floor mattresses we provide) at an affordable rate making it easy for family reunions, corporate retreats, business events and the like.

Please feel free to contact me:

Sanford Staab:



or fill in our contact form here at any time.

Support Lifewater Ranch through GoFundMe!


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