Our First Wedding!


We had quite a gang of visitors and guests yesterday as we celebrated the wedding of Cassity Norris and Russ Golightly.  I was honored that Lifewater Ranch could host this joyous occasion!


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Lifewater Ranch GoFundMe Campaign

Today we started a GoFundMe campaign for Lifewater Ranch.

I have to be honest, we are in danger of losing this place.  Investments have not gone well and cash flow is not where it needs to be.  We are pursuing logging operations and subdividing the property should we have to sell off parts of this amazing place.

The reason for this critical situation are mainly due to forced debt/Mortgage to keep myself out of jail to comply with a support agreement I signed with my separated wife in good faith at a time when I had plenty of money to support her.  She has turned what was meant to be temporary support into a permanent pension and my attempts to create more cash flow via several investments have all gone very far south.

The two ways you can best help us is by:

  1. Staying at Lifewater Ranch!  Make a reservation TODAY!
  2. Contribute to our GoFundMe Campaign to help me get out of debt so cash flow problems are solved.
  3. Become a WWOOFER and visit Lifewater Ranch on the cheap!
  4. Sign up for our Newsletter and send us your best wishes, thoughts and prayers.

We are currently working on:

  • Burning up hundreds of burn piles created by a fire mitigation project done by the county which gives us in a much safer fire hazard situation and more open areas which increase beauty and a park-like feel on our borders.
  • Developing a Frisbee Golf Course which I hope to extend all over the ranch with over 100 holes!  If you’re an enthusiast, come visit us as a wwoofer and help me plan and build this potentially world class course.
  • Developing hiking trails throughout the property.
  • Adding Signs, benches and tables for guest use.
  • Adding Log Cabins as able to provide more guest and WWOOFER housing.
  • Promoting weddings, corporate retreats, hunting and fishing and Frisbee Golf lodging.
  • Trying to figure out a way to maintain the new open areas free of thistle, rose bushes, and berry bushes without using chemicals.  (Thinking goats – but that is a lot of work!)

Upcoming goals and projects:

  • Create mountain bike trails to attract those kinds of guests.
  • Mill our trees into Log Cabin kits and build Log cabins on the property.
  • Add 3 zip lines to the property.
  • Add a tarzan swing cable system to Island Pond.
  • Add some simple roof structures for hay storage, parking and firewood storage.
  • Procure a Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber for supporting health challenged guests.
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See this article…

An Article by Chris Claunch about his and Ben Greenfield’s visit last month at Lifewater Ranch.


Most of the article is about health and food from Chris’s perspective.  Several great recipes here.  I saw this cool video there which I personally witnessed as I went to join them on one of their best fishing outings:

There is a shot in the article of the pool and Ben preparing to chill out.  In May, especially this year, the pool is usually still shut-down for the winter.  For these wonderful guests I quickly got it cleaned up before their arrival but of course there just isn’t enough sun to heat the pool in May so the temperature was a brisk 60 degrees!

Of course from my perspective, this was the best part:

And one last thing, because Ben promised me I could throw in a shameless plug for a place he wound up really liking and plans to come back to himself. If you’re looking for a super cool retreat in the woods of Idaho with as much to do and you can imagine, then contact Sandy Staab at Lifewater Ranch and mention me and this article, or the podcast Ben and I recorded straight from the ranch. Who knows? If all the stars line up, maybe I’ll come and cook for you, and at the least, Sandy will cut you a deal as a friend of Ben’s and mine. Simply mention “Ben Greenfield” when you reserve your spot at Lifewater ranch in 2017 you will be entitled to a 5% discount.

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Newsletter #4

We have few guests in Springtime.  Probably because kids are still in school or maybe its the somewhat unpredictability of the weather.  By May, the ranch is usually looking like this video.  It’s one of the best times to be here so here’s a simple reminder – we are leaving the light on just for you!

Check our availability and make a reservation any time.  Ernie says hi.


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Newsletter #2 – Spring at Lifewater Ranch

DSC_2573.JPGApril and May are our spring months at Lifewater Ranch.  It’s when our daffodils and tulips begin to bloom around the pool.  This year has been a very wet one and so odds are high that you will see showers during your stay here at these times but odds are also high that you will see perfect spring days with sunshine and new grass.  The greens in the valley are vibrant this time of year.  It’s also the best time of year to hunt for herbs and try out some of the healthy weeds such as dandelion, cumfrey, horsetail, yarrow, wild mint and the abundant plantain.  Spring is when these greens are less-bitter than at other times and more tender.

Spring is also when we start to sprout our gardens:

Sprouting at Ranch.JPG

Spring also sports abundant water in our creeks and ponds.

And don’t forget our rainbows:

Rainbow at Ranch -small.JPG

Of course, if it does rain on you, the hot-tub is good in any weather as is our billiard table.  I love the sound of the rain at night or anytime and our large porch lets you sit outside and soak in the fresh clean air while not getting a drop of water on you.

We often get good breezes blowing up the creek from below in Spring – to me it feels like God kissing me.

Wwoofer‘s should very much consider visiting us in the spring as it is off-season for guests yet has the most work to do.  The cool, perfect weather for getting jobs done, and all the amenities are there for you.

So, consider spring as a good time to visit Lifewater Ranch and renew your strength in nature’s abundance.

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The Grills


We have both a regular propane grill and a top-of-the-line Traeger Smoker.  Denver our dog loves it when our guests grill – because he usually gets the bones!  The grill is simple to use and perfect for hot-dogs and burgers or grilled steaks.  The smoker is AMAZING in that it is temperature controlled.  Put in what you want done and use our official Traeger cookbook to set things up just right.  Then go fishing or for a hike and when you get back… mmmmm you will be very pleased with perfect, tender and juicy smoked chicken, salmon or whatever.  Don’t forget that the Kindred Family farm has available for you organic grass fed chicken, eggs, pork and beef raised right here at Lifewater Ranch, or available from close-by neighbors for you to cook up.

And of course, our kitchen inside has an oven that also is good enough to bake bread in.

Denver want’s you to come and enjoy our grills soon!

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Our first podcast!


Check out a podcast done at Lifewater Ranch by Ben Greenfield here.  Please note that Ben’s statement about the 5% discount is slightly inaccurate.  Check out the policy here.

A HUGE thanks goes to these guys that have helped get Lifewater Ranch onto the map.  I have high hopes for future events and such with these two very talented guys.

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