Slime dog millionaire

A good friend gave me a huge Aloe Vera plant so I could take the sap out and use it for my health.  I decided to video how I did this and here it is for the world.  Not a big deal, simple to do, but just one more thing to benefit our guests and friends at Life Water Ranch!

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What’s this Vibe Thingie?

Back around 2000 there was this healing device that came out I heard about on the radio.  Everybody was raving about how this thing was helping people with everything from warts to cancer.  Naturally, being the gullible trusting one that I am, I went to Colorado to visit the inventor and bought one for the price of $17,000.

What this machine does is it literally rings your DNA and balances the energies in your body.  This is achieved by using very low power tuned high frequency waves in the cosmic ray spectrum to resonate with your hydrocarbon bonds which raises the vibrational level of all your cells and organs including the DNA.

To better understand (and believe) this I highly recommend reading the book “The Secret of Life” by Georges Lakhovsky.

Technically, the way I understand it, this thing starts with a multi-wave-oscillator, the device that Georges Lakhovsky invented with some help from Nikola Tesla.  This creates a random signal in the cosmic-wave frequency spectrum.  The waves then are projected by an antenna shaped in the shape of a merkaba which is a sacred geometric shape that I guess matches our living systems well. This antenna projects the signal up through a tesla coil which is designed to amplify, direct and adjust the DC offset of the signal to 70 millivolts which just happens to be the ideal voltage across the cell membrane.  This is then passed through 12 vials of noble gases that resonate with the signal producing tuned frequencies of the elements in the vials.   These frequencies, according to Koonce, resonate with our various organs.  This mass of bio-photonic light is then passed through a capacitor array that forces the signal into a bubble shape around the machine with about a 5′ radius of effective strength.  Contained in this capacitor network is a mobius coil designed to filter out some frequencies that Gene found created problems. (more on this later).  This is then sucked into your body directly and via a pair of mobius coils in your hands.

It only takes a few minutes of exposure for the machine to do its magic.  If you do too much you will likely suffer from a toxic herxheimer reaction due to rapid detoxing of your blood.  This only seems to happen significantly on your first use of the machine.  After that I have have experienced a kind of tolerance to exposure that causes this to never happen again.

When I tried this for the first time for just 4 minutes at the inventor’s office I felt nothing but that night, in my motel, I had a vision of a possible structure of the trinity (God).  It seemed to fit scripture but I still just regard it as a cool idea, not a vision of any real deep truths.  This experience caused me to buy the machine.

The problems I mentioned above that the mobius coil filter was added for was the manifestation of demonic activity.  This device, without that filter, was attracting all kinds of spiritual entities to Gene’s office and many people were receiving profound revelations and spiritual gifts such as pre-audition – the hearing of sounds from the future.  Somehow, Gene figured out what the problem was and filtered out the bad vibes to make this thing pretty safe for any user.  Since my first use, I have had no spiritual side effects I am aware of.

Note that the multiwave oscillator also emits scalar waves (longitudinal light waves) that are known to have a connection with the spiritual realm.  Many sensitives are affected by the presence of these kinds of waves, though they are undetectable as EM radiation.

The inventor did everything up and up and had this device being studied by multiple universities but the FDA decided it was just too dangerous to use and forced all owners to sign a contract that they would never advertise their possession or use of it and shut down all the studies as far as I know.  The inventor, Gene Koonce, then slightly altered its appearance and renamed it to get it out of the FDA mandates.  The Quantum Pulse is its new name.  Gene keeps a pretty low profile but still services these machines for a reasonable fee.

I still have this device and guests are welcome to give it a try.  I use it myself on occasion – it is quite harmless and its benefits are so subtle that you won’t notice it in most cases but I do believe it does help the body heal many things but due to the FDA stance on this device I will never sell its use for money and guests assume full responsibility for the effects of its use.

The light show itself is worth the trip to see it!

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A lot is happening this fall here

First of all, we love to honor the Lord God of the universe as best we can at all times.  This fall is the season of the fall feasts of the Lord and for Sukkot we have had three families staying here enjoying that festival with us, camping out in the cold and sometimes rain may seem to be a strange way to get close to God but these people have been enjoying it more than when they were here last year.

At the Sukkot festival some of the kids built a wonderful Tee Pee that you see here.  I don’t know how we will use it long term but it could house WWOOFERS or just be a fun place to add to our camping experiences of our guests.

Secondly we have been honored to bless a family that was unable to obtain housing in the short term and are renting our main home out at a discount rate.  It is a great blessing to me personally as the rent, (again!), just meets my financial needs at this time.

Thirdly, we shot some turkeys and they cooked up nicely for the festival.  (Yes F&G we had tags for them.)  They were right outside our door and the opportunity was too good to pass up.

Fourth, one of the ladies that lives at our second home shot her first elk buck – and it  was a whopper! (and again F&G we had a tag)  Meat for the winter!


Fifth we have been harvesting apples again this year with the kids.  Fun to do and delicious organic apple cider is the result!

Sixth, we have been milling up select trees on the property which is providing good income for us and great healthy outdoor work while at the same time improving our property.  I personally have been cutting down many of the dead trees on the property in order to improve the beautiful view we have from the house and to make way for fresh new growth.  Our recent fire mitigation project, funded by the county, has also opened up areas for improved vistas of beauty and better access and safety.

Seventh is burn piles – we have hundreds of them left from the fire mitigation work which we are trying to burn up while it is safe to do so.


The fall at Lifewater Ranch can sometimes be a bit wet and cold but there is still lots to do and enjoy.  Worst case you can always enjoy the hot-tub in any weather!

Sandy in Hot tub with speakers (1)

I could not be more thankful for what God has granted me – a kind of Fantasy Island.


Da Plane, Da Plane Boss!

Anyone want to celebrate Christmas or Thanksgiving or New Year’s here?

See our availability here and make a reservation here.

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Tips on making good burn piles


At lifewater ranch we have tons of wood and often have to burn it to keep the place safe from fire.  I have gained much experience, having had 3 fires get away from me, or my caretaker, since I got this place.  A great burn pile is TALL.  At least 4′ in height is generally needed in order for the pile to burn completely.  What happens is the flame gains sufficient height to create an upward pull with the heat that pulls in oxygen from around the base and channels it into the fire and up with the smoke.  Once such a vortex is set up the pile burns quickly while most of the heat goes straight up.

In  the pile above I had hoped to save the tree to its right.  That tree did fine till the fire burned down to coals.  At that point the heat began to radiate rather than flow as described above and the sheer proximity of the coals caught the tree on fire spontaneously.

Another important point is to get the area around the pile as clean as you can and with a diameter at least twice that of the pile itself.  It’s always much safer and easier to build a good pile BEFORE you light it.  A large pile will quickly get so hot you won’t be able to get within 20′ feet of it before being VERY uncomfortable.  So make that pile as perfect and safe as you can while its nice and cool.

Only if the fire is going to be less than 4′ in diameter is it small enough to burn as you pile – which is a good idea if you are trying to safely make a burn are for a later larger fire but this method, I have found, is generally more work overall for the amount of fuel burned.


Here’s a pile right next to the first one that was not made nearly as well.  This was built by using a dozer to push the pile up into place.  I did a little cleanup of this one but not nearly as well as I did on the first one, which took me two full days to complete.  Because this is much dryer material the height is not as needed but its surroundings were never cleaned up nearly as well.


When lighting the fire it’s important to get a sufficiently large enough flame in the middle of the pile to begin a plume of smoke that is rapidly rising and sucking in fresh air from the edges.  After awhile, you get to know how much heat that feels like and once you get there, the pile will quickly engulf the rest of the pile.  Sometimes you need to start several spots of the pile to get that sufficient critical mass of heat needed to assure a clean burn.


It only takes maybe an hour or two to have the piles safely burned past their highest flame point.  Once this has been completed you have a burned safe zone around the fire.  At this point you can safely work on other piles or take a break away from the fire if needed without much chance of anything getting away from you.  At this point the fires are still too hot to comfortable gather the surrounding fuel back into the center.  I find it best not to try messing with the fire at this point but rather let it burn another 4-8 hours at which point you can regather all the surrounding fuel into the center of the file area.  I usually use a large rake to push the smaller fuel in.  This creates an even more safe zone around the edge of the fire with almost no fuel available for escape of the fire.picture0930170015_2.jpg

Here the piles have lost enough heat to regather the fuel into the center.  Once this is done, you can safely leave the fire overnight.picture0929172354_2.jpg

One very dangerous thing to keep in mind is that stumps, especially rotten ones, are often the source of a root fire.  I like to burn the stumps up as well as I can but before I let it go overnight I will completely douse the stump in water and make sure no smoke is rising from it.  This will reduce the probability of a root fire significantly.  For this reason, it is not a good idea to build a burn pile next to a stump or a large tree.  If you want to burn up a stump build the pile directly over it and make a nice wide safe area around the pile to reduce the odds of a root fire.

Another good idea is to try to burn your piles just before it rains.  A nice hard rain is a great way to greatly reduce the odds of root fires or otherwise have surprises.

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Our first Cancer Cure!!!

Norwalk Juicer

A few years ago Lifewater Ranch purchased a Norwalk Juicer, one of the best and most expensive juicers on the market.  We did this for our guests that may need high quality food to combat illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, MS or other such degenerative disease. It turns out, our first user of this machine was Dana Kindred who rents a house at Lifewater Ranch along with her family.  She had breast cancer and had the juicer for over a year.  She is now cancer free!  Now I can’t say the juicer made the difference because Dana was doing a bunch of very good things to fight her cancer but the Norwalk was part of that program.

Lifewater Ranch prides itself in providing our guests not only with a nice place to stay but also quality water, food, air and a low-stress lifestyle that promotes the health and well-being of our guests.

The Norwalk was a big investment but if it saves even one life – it’s been worth it!

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Lumber for our first new building


Today Micky delivered the first part of an order for lumber for a pole barn we are planning to build that will be used as a woodshed to free up our old woodshed to use more for hay storage and cattle birthing/milking.  The really cool thing about this is that the wood was logged and milled right here at Lifewater Ranch!  After paying Micky for his labor my cost is about half it would be from say Home Depot yet the quality of the wood is much higher than you find at US lumber mills.  This is because the good stuff gets shipped overseas where top dollar is received for it and us Americans get the scrap.

After this building we plan to do another one for guest car parking which will also be used for curing wood over the winter.  Next will be a very large pole barn for hay storage and probably a bunch of other uses.

Very Exciting to see this happening!!!

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New bird feeder

New Bird Feeder

New Bird Feeder

We recently got a new bird feeder for the deck.  A friend of mine had one and the finches are constantly on it.  It took only a week for mine to be the same.  You can sit on the deck and they will appear soon to entertain and minister to you.

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