Highwater at Lifewater Ranch

The whole Kooskia area has been flooded this last week.  People say they haven’t seen this much water in 28 years!  I am happy to report that it looks like Lifewater Ranch got through it intact – Praise God!

Here are some fun pix of the water on our property over the past few days.

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Our first flowers of the season!

At Lifewater Ranch, April Showers bring…. April Flowers!


We still have a lot of rain but some days are spectacular and the flowers are coming up fast!  This is a magical time to be at Lifewater Ranch – life is springing fourth before your very eyes!  Consider doing a trial visit – you can rent a single room overnight for just $70/person and get to know the place at very little cost.  A nice (we’re talkin NICE dude!) breakfast is on us.  See our Reservations\Rates page for details.

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Newsletter #7

So it is late March 2019 and here are the blogs we have posted since our last newsletter:

Spring is springing  DSC_3708

Some of the nearby sites  Sites near Lifewater Ranch

Milling at Lifewater Ranch  Frame up of Ryan Henrys home 3

Kamiah Light Parade Kamiah Light Parade 2018-11-30 (31)

Its time for a new pool liner DSC_3763

The swing that adapts 

Enjoy our posts and pix.


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Spring is springing

As the weather changes so does Lifewater Ranch’s activity.

Our Cow, Taffy is close to giving birth.  She disappeared for a few days and had us worried as she was too early to calve.  Luckily in a few days she was back enjoying the last of our winter hay and she looks great!  If you decided to visit us over the spring odds are good you will see her little one new born.


This year I hope to attack some of the wild rose bushes and berry bushes that are taking over.  There is a very simply way to do it by cutting the bushes down to the ground and applying a little roundup on the stalks.  I hear this works very well.  I don’t spray because I don’t want to contaminate the ground here.  Hopefully this method will kill what I need to without compromising the pristine condition of the soil.

April and May are open for monthly winter rentals and Wwoofers.  Its an excellent opportunity for someone that doesn’t want to spend much cash to see and enjoy much of what Lifewater Ranch has to offer during our off-season.


Some of our Woofers enjoying an evening after a hard days work.

The pool liner is shot and we need a new one soon.  The problem is cash.  But some income is expected soon that will allow us to get a new liner and this will make the pool look like new!


So sad, no new liner yet.  It will go in when the weather is better.

Of course there is re-staining the deck – I really want to get away from wood somehow eventually!  We are still not quite done refurbishing the deck railings but I hope to finish that in the next few weeks.


Deck and the railings need work.


Pruning the orchard this year will likely be skipped but maybe we can get more chips around them to continue to improve the apples and yield.

Becky taste testing my apples (1)

My daughter enjoying one of our great apples from the orchard.

Also our tulips will be coming up in April, another good reason to plan a nice spring stay here.  We have people booking up the summer months – but we can always use more!


Blooming Daffodils by the pool after an unexpected hail storm.

So, just keeping you up to date on the latest here at the ranch.  We’ll leave a light on for you.

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Some of the nearby sites

The Palouse area is one of the hidden golden nuggets of the west.  Idaho is so beautiful!  Lifewater Ranch is in a deep forest, a little different than this movie shows but the sites here are not far away and the peace is…. MARVELOUS!

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Milling at Lifewater Ranch

Our renter/caretaker, Mickey Kindred, mills our trees with a small mill and sells them to those wanting it.  Ryan Henry is a good friend of Mickey’s and bought lots of milled wood from Mickey and built his home with it.  These pictures are of that home.

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Kamiah Light Parade

Lifewater Ranch offers good times any time of year.  During the holidays, local communities offer a host of activities and events.  Here are pix from the recent Light Parade hosted by the Kamiah Chamber of Commerce.

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