Spring is springing

As the weather changes so does Lifewater Ranch’s activity.

Our Cow, Taffy is close to giving birth.  She disappeared for a few days and had us worried as she was too early to calve.  Luckily in a few days she was back enjoying the last of our winter hay and she looks great!  If you decided to visit us over the spring odds are good you will see her little one new born.


This year I hope to attack some of the wild rose bushes and berry bushes that are taking over.  There is a very simply way to do it by cutting the bushes down to the ground and applying a little roundup on the stalks.  I hear this works very well.  I don’t spray because I don’t want to contaminate the ground here.  Hopefully this method will kill what I need to without compromising the pristine condition of the soil.

April and May are open for monthly winter rentals and Wwoofers.  Its an excellent opportunity for someone that doesn’t want to spend much cash to see and enjoy much of what Lifewater Ranch has to offer during our off-season.


Some of our Woofers enjoying an evening after a hard days work.

The pool liner is shot and we need a new one soon.  The problem is cash.  But some income is expected soon that will allow us to get a new liner and this will make the pool look like new!


So sad, no new liner yet.  It will go in when the weather is better.

Of course there is re-staining the deck – I really want to get away from wood somehow eventually!  We are still not quite done refurbishing the deck railings but I hope to finish that in the next few weeks.


Deck and the railings need work.


Pruning the orchard this year will likely be skipped but maybe we can get more chips around them to continue to improve the apples and yield.

Becky taste testing my apples (1)

My daughter enjoying one of our great apples from the orchard.

Also our tulips will be coming up in April, another good reason to plan a nice spring stay here.  We have people booking up the summer months – but we can always use more!


Blooming Daffodils by the pool after an unexpected hail storm.

So, just keeping you up to date on the latest here at the ranch.  We’ll leave a light on for you.

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Some of the nearby sites

The Palouse area is one of the hidden golden nuggets of the west.  Idaho is so beautiful!  Lifewater Ranch is in a deep forest, a little different than this movie shows but the sites here are not far away and the peace is…. MARVELOUS!

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Milling at Lifewater Ranch

Our renter/caretaker, Mickey Kindred, mills our trees with a small mill and sells them to those wanting it.  Ryan Henry is a good friend of Mickey’s and bought lots of milled wood from Mickey and built his home with it.  These pictures are of that home.

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Kamiah Light Parade

Lifewater Ranch offers good times any time of year.  During the holidays, local communities offer a host of activities and events.  Here are pix from the recent Light Parade hosted by the Kamiah Chamber of Commerce.

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Its time for a new pool liner

This year our old liner gave up the ghost and will simply not last another year.  My helpers, James and Jason took out the old one and we will be prepping it for a new one this year.  See our Patreon site if you would like to assist us in the costs of this replacement.  A new liner runs about $5000.

Having learned a lot from the time with the old one, I anticipate a new one will not only look absolutely cool but should last nearly 20 years!

We are proceeding in faith with confidence that God will provide.

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The swing that adapts

Jason Taylor pullup

Jason uses our swing for a good workout

Our 50′ swing has three different seats.  One for little tykes (seats two at once or one larger toddler.  One for normal swingers which is just a flat seat.  And one for workout nuts like Jason that lets you do pullups in style.

I love the flexibility we have here!

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Newsletter #6

Again, I’ve been busy but I wanted to update you on our latest activities.  Enjoy!  BTW Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Years 2018 are still open for you to use for a lifetime memory with your family.  Check us out and see if Lifewater Ranch is for you this coming holiday

LWR – an escape from eSmog        5g

Our newest and first steer              Dunnis and Tregger Father and Son

A drive to Red River Hot Springs  

A volleyball net for our guests      

A better fire pit                                  

Kooskia Days – the Parade             

Kamiah BBQ Days                             Kamiah BBQ Days

Wwoofer Time!                                 

Cows in heaven                                 

Christmas at Lifewater Ranch?   

More Apples than you can shake a stick at!  

The possibilities are exciting!      we wwoof because

Chicken Run!                                     

Jason Taylor – our current wwoofer 

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Jason Taylor – our current wwoofer

Jason Taylor

Jason Taylor helps make Lifewater Ranch better

A week ago Jason just arrived via Lewiston Airport from Texas to spend an extended stay at Lifewater Ranch as a wwoofer.  However he does not come from the usual woofusa.org organization but from having known Ben Greenfield.

He found Lifewater Ranch to be a great place to do a deep cellular level detox which takes 90 days to complete.

Cellular Detox Pyramid

He found us to be the perfect place to get outdoors and sweat out his toxins while breathing clean air, drinking clean water, and eating clean food as well as soaking his spirit in the natural beauty that is Lifewater Ranch.

So far Jason has been a star helper at the ranch and has done a bunch of stuff here to make this place better.  He began work on a new trail, which naturally will be named after him, and hopefully, this winter, Jason will also contribute to enlarge our disc golf course.  Last Saturday we processed 270 chickens for Micky Kindred who runs farm activities at Lifewater Ranch.  Mickey’s farm activities help him pay rent here which in turn helps me meet my financial obligations and keeps this place running.

I just wanted to thank these people and our Heavenly Father for all they do and for His sustaining provision for this endeavor.


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Chicken Run!

Mickey rents Lifewater ranch and does most of the farm work here.  We have helpers that come and assist (see our wwoofer program) especially in the winter months.  These pictures show a typical egg gather session on Halloween morning 2018.

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The possibilities are exciting!

WWOOF USA recently sent me a link to this video which was the top award winning entry in a contest they gave.  We need paying guests to pay the bills but we also need wwoofers to come and help us build the vision that is Lifewater Ranch!  If you can’t afford our reasonable rates or you just like getting your hands dirty and working outside on a beautiful ranch, fill out our reservation form and lets get together and

A dead tree on the way to carnation.JPG

cut some dead trees,

Picture0930170106_1make some burn piles,


plant a garden,

Bene and his apples

harvest a garden,

Jonathan grinding apples in prep for the big squeeze

make apple cider,


make some chips,

Thorns on a rose plant.JPG

take out invasive species of rose bushes,

Our Cattle Love Spring! Thumb

feed the chickens, the pigs or the cows,

Mickey and Sandy on ATV at ranch.JPG

fix broken machinery,

Frisbee Golf starts here

build a 1000 hole disc golf course,


upgrade our terraced garden,


add a zip line, ….

There’s TONS to do and it all makes for a better place for people to visit, rest, heal and chill – and in your off time you can do that too!


Alex and Emily celebrating the end of a hard work week with campaign in the hot tub.

One way or another, you’ve got to experience Lifewater Ranch!

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