Sandy Staab’s – Chess Instruction Class

I am an experienced Chess coach and I love to teach chess to anyone. I can start people from scratch or help improve string high-school level players. (For reference my playing strength is around 1600) I can simply be a Chess partner for some fun games. I can conduct simultaneous exhibitions. I can provide many interesting drills to help students improve. I can supply chess sets, clocks and score-sheets. I can conduct scholastically rated tournaments as well. Bug House/Siamese is also possible. I can also give lectures to groups on the merits and advantages of Chess and conduct training with my demo board.

Min Guests Required :1
Max Guests Supported: 30
Cost: $15/hr/student
Duration: 1 hour minimum
Advance Notice Time: 3 days minimum
Minimum Student Age: 6
Direct Contact Email:


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