Privacy at Lifewater Ranch

How private is Lifewater Ranch when I do “the whole enchilada” thing?

Here’s a picture for clarity:

The main house and swimming pool and shop and hot tub are the buildings in white.  The building with the brown roof is the caretaker home.  These two homes are separated by about 300 feet of trees.  There is no line-of-sight between them.

Along the driveway coming down from Cedar Creek Rd (which is called Lifewater Lane) is a home on the upper side of the driveway, away from the main house.  There is no line-of-sight with this home either but because they are above the main house you may occasionally hear conversation from them.

The pool and hot-tub are sandwiched next to the shop (to the north, blocking anyone coming down the driveway from seeing you) and the home (to the east, blocking anyone driving on the west side of the home were we have access to the part of the ranch across the creek).  To  your west is a forested steep hill and to your south is a beautiful view of the small valley we own.  Essentially, you get a great view and nobody gets a view of you.

The next closest homes besides these mentioned are about 1/2 mile away minimum.  The trees muffle noise quite well and generally you can only hear the wind, birds, and your heartbeat.

The caretaker may occasionally drive by in their truck on the way to doing chores to feed chickens or cattle, other than that you are alone.  He is respectful of your privacy.

I am always available via a phone call 24/7 so any problems or emergencies can be easily dealt with.

You could safely skinny-dip in the pool or hot tub with a vary low chance of anyone ever seeing you.

If you want your conversations not to be possibly overheard by our relatively close neighbors, just turn on some music using our built-in outdoor stereo system and your pool or hot tub conversations will be about as private as could be asked for.

The main house is my home and I live here when there are no guests.  When someone rents “the whole enchilada” I go away and visit my grand kids or travel or stay with a friend.  You get the whole place to yourself.

This place is about as private as you could ask for.