white-tailed deer buck with velvet antlers

What a beauty!

I’m not much of a hunter.  I just can’t see killing a beautiful animal unless I need it to eat.

But I am not averse to others enjoying this property to either lodge in comfort while hunting elsewhere or even to hunt on the property.

We used to have moose and elk in abundance but the wolves have pretty much culled these herds to near oblivion in my area.

Still we have lots of Turkeys, Pheasant, Deer and the occasional wolf, bear or cougar and I am quite willing to let a limited number of these go to hunters.

We have not established hunting rates for Lifewater Ranch but I am not adverse to doing so.  Hunters are welcome in and out of season with the same standard rules and rates that anyone would pay to stay here.

So if you’re considering a comfortable hunting stay in Idaho, please consider Lifewater Ranch as an option.

See our registration form to inquire or reserve a stay.