Indoor Guest Transition Specialist

This position involves cleaning, inventorying, and restoring the house to make it ready for the next guest.

This is a part-time position that is needed when we have a back-to-back or near back-to-back guest situations. You can see these times by looking at our calendar of events page.

This position typically will only be available during our peak months of June-August.

This position requires the following skills:

  • Reliability to show up on time and keep commitments made.
  • Integrity to not lie or steal.
  • Efficiency to accomplish needed indoor tasks quickly and thoroughly.
  • The ability to follow instructions accurately and completely.

Click here to download a detailed check-list of what is involved when doing this job.

Click here to see the kitchen inventory document.

To be eligible for this position, the applicant must pass a training session typically for about 1 hour at Lifewater Ranch.

This position will be part of a team working together.

To apply, simply fill out this form: