We are located at 430 Cedar Creek Rd. between Kooskia and Clearwater.

Our driveway is named “Lifewater Lane” right off of the top part of Cedar Creek Rd. just below the “hair pin turn” and our mailbox is marked with a nice sign that says:

Life Water Ranch

Google MapLifewater Ranch is located about 15 miles outside Kooskia which is a small town located about half-way between Lewiston and Missoula on Highway 12 in Idaho.  We are about midway between the towns of Kooskia and Clearwater.

A map of our location can also be found here.

Also here are directions from Kooskia:

  1. Highway 12 from Kamiah to Kooskia
  2. Turn Right at the first Kooskia bridge
  3. Make your first left after you cross the bridge (Broadway)
  4. Follow that to the second bridge and keep right.
  5. Follow that to a fish hatchery you will see on your right
  6. Follow that to a large Rock Pit.
  7. The road will fork – stay RIGHT. (Easier way but longer)
  8. Follow Clear Creek for 8 miles
  9. On your left will be the only paved fork labeled Cedar Creek Rd.
  10. If you cross a bridge over Clear Creek – you went too far and missed the Cedar Creek Rd. Turnoff
  11. Go left up Cedar Creek Rd.
  12. It will turn into a dirt road.
  13. Go about 3 more miles to the top of Cedar Creek Rd.
  14. You will pass LifewaterLane on your right – that is my driveway.Map to ranch
  15. DSC_4083
  16. DSC_4084
  17. If you come to a left hairpin turn you went too far.
  18. Follow Lifewater Lane down, cross a cattle crossing and gate on your right.
  19. Stay right and you will come right to the main home.

And here are directions from grangeville:

1. Follow Highway 13 East for 26 min (14.6 mi)
2. Turn right onto Sally Ann Creek Rd
3. Turn left at the town of Clearwater at the end of Sally Ann Creek Rd.
4. Turn right at the end of the road
5. Turn left onto Clear Creek Rd.
6. Follow all the way down, cross a bridge and continue
7. Turn right at Cedar Creek Rd.
8. Go for about 3 miles and on your right will be Lifewater RanchMap from Grangeville to Lifewater Ranch

Here is an arial shot of the entire property:

Arial Map View of Ranch with Boundaries and pond names


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