Natural Healing Logistics Support Center

Lifewater Ranch is also about personal healing.   Our vision is to provide an atmosphere of peace and support for those with health needs.  Among the things we can provide are:

  • Assistance in logistically managing natural (non-drug-based) care
  • Medical Grade Ozone access
  • High oxygen hot tub
  • Local herbal talent
  • Local massage talent
  • Local cooking talent
  • Organically grown foods
  • Norwalk level juicing
  • Hot/Cold hydro-therapy
  • Vibe Technologies energy support
  • Low chemical exposure
  • Low RF exposure
  • Prayer
  • A library of alternative health titles
  • A roomy space to rest and recover with family and friends.

We are currently NOT qualified to give any medical advice or treatment for any disease. We can only offer the kind of support a friend or relative could but with facilities that may be more productive for you than home and a wealth of knowledge derived from years of study.

When you come to Lifewater Ranch, you are in charge.  You decide what care you want and how intensive it should be.  We merely assist you in getting the care you desire.

Prices depend on what level of support you need and your condition – we are flexible. Give us a call (208)-301-8615 or email (Lifewaterranch@gmail.com) and let us know how we can help you in your recovery.


My mother died of lung cancer in 1985.  At the time I was living at home and attending college.  I experienced the agony of knowing there was a cure out there somewhere but being helpless to find and apply it.  I watched her as she lost her hair, went into metastasis, began to fall due to weakened bones, became wheelchair bound, attended her daughter’s wedding, and finally breathed her last, fighting to stay alive to see her first granddaughter.  I was helpless the whole time and vowed to find out what caused this mysterious disease so I and others would not have to watch a horrible and agonizing slow death.

Since that time I have studied lots of alternatives to the standard therapies and have discovered many ways to naturally and safely help myself and others prevent and fight this and other diseases.

Lifewater Ranch offers a near idyllic atmosphere for healing and I have done all in my power to make it more so.

If you are suffering from a tough disease, consider spending a few weeks at Lifewater Ranch where we can share with you the knowledge we have and help you apply whatever natural therapy you want to pursue in an atmosphere of total support and caring.

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Sanford Staab (owner)