If you intend to come to Lifewater Ranch for healing, our philosophy of health becomes an important factor in your decision to visit us.  This page attempts to outline our thinking on health-related issues.

Life is short and meant to be shared

We pass through this live quickly.  We learn, we grow, and if we don’t share our life is meaningless.  God has blessed me in many ways and I can see no use in hording what I have for myself.  I seek honest people to share what I have with and help as many as I can if possible.

The Universe is a created place

There are two competing ideas about origins in the world.  Either it was created or it was an accident.  I hold to the first view.

The God of the Bible is that creator

There is a single, all powerful creator who has made all things to glorify of himself. He is personal, all knowing, and all powerful.  He is merciful and just, truthful and loving, perfect and unchanging, unknowable and intimate, singular and yet three persons.  He is the architect of this universe and knowing Him helps us know our world and ourselves.  The reverse is also true, knowing ourselves and our world helps us know God.

The earth is a designed complex and living system

God has created, in 6 days, a unique system of life where forces and living beings both physical and spiritual co-exist in a symbiotic relationship.  All matter and life were created for a specific purpose, the sum of which is to glorify God.

The alternative view, that life evolved from non-living matter, is a philosophy which leads to treating people as tinker-toys that can be interfered with, rebuilt, altered and abused or even killed without consequence.

A philosophy of creation forces a more holistic view of man, health and life.  It also allows for consideration of a spiritual realm which a mechanistic philosophy denies. This opens doors that otherwise would never be found.

Health generally comes by obeying the laws of creation

A living being has the best chance of a happy life by living within the rules and roles they were designed for in the system.  This is not slavery.  It is liberty within design limits.  These rules encompass moral, spiritual and physical laws which cannot be broken without consequence.

All men are fallen and broken and there is evil in this world

At the time of Adam’s fall in the garden, evil and death was introduced into the world and the perfect balance of creation was thrown into war and decay.  Deceptive spirits and evil forces abound and must be dealt with by choosing to obey the creator’s words and laws and by enlisting the power of Christ to redeem our lives. Although each individual has specific gifts and light to share, all are equal and flawed when compared with the creator.  This brings us all to a humble, teachable state which fosters unselfish cooperation and tolerance for each other’s differences and faults.

Healing is physical and spiritual

Sickness is a consequence of the fall and sin.  All healing derives from the mercy of God to repair that which was broken.  Jesus Christ is God’s solution for sin and His common grace allows all healing to take place.  Man cannot heal.  He can only cooperate with God, His laws, and His spirit to assist in actions and attitudes that allow God and His creation to be healed.

Lasting health involves the understanding of both physical and spiritual laws and application of this understand using lawful means.   There is such a thing as false healing and a healing that leads to death.

Every individual is different

Although each kind reproduces after itself, each individual is unique.  The way of healing for one may not be the same as that for another.  The art of healing involves discernment and experimentation.

There is no magic bullet and one healing methodology does not necessarily address the problems of all.

The ends never justifies the means

Modalities that involve the channeling of spirits, the use of deception, the use of toxins, or the invocation of false gods are not desired at Lifewater Ranch and will not be used by us.

As technology advances and new ways of treatment are discovered, our horizons of what is wizardry vs technology change.  Logic is a guide but sometimes insufficient in itself to heal.  Faith is a significant component in all healing and should be exercised with discernment as less-understood methods are tried to achieve health.

Our mission is to all mankind

Though I hold strongly to my worldview of life and health, I do not believe it necessary that a guest or teacher believe as I do, only that they accept my beliefs as a basis for my actions and agree with the treatment methods being used and my rules of behavior.

Our aim is to treat others as we would want to be treated, regardless of our differences.


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