The whole enchilada: (Like a full vacation rental – no owner present) $300/night M-Thur, $350/night Fri-Sat, $1500/week Fri 3pm-Fri 10am, 4 weeks maximum stay.
Share with owner: (use of Master Bedroom excluded, owner stays with guests like a B&B – no sharing the house with guests other than your party – meals not included but good hospitality should be expected): save $100/night for first 4 nights, $50/night after that off of our whole enchilada rates.
RV Site (includes Electricity, Water, & Sewage):  $50/night M-Thur, $60/night Fri-Sat-Sun.
Camping: $40/night/site/group or $8/night/person, whichever is less.

Prices do not include event surcharges, packages or other activity fees such as internet usage. Taxes are included in the price. 

Security Deposts: Note that all guests staying in the house alone are required to provide a $500 security deposit.  If the owner is present, only a $300 security deposit is required.  Pets may have additional security deposit requirements and fees.  We accept cash on arrival or a check (Made out to Sanford Staab) or paypal payment to sanfords@lifewaterranch.com at least 2 weeks prior to arrival. Deposits will be refunded by mail or paypal (customer’s choice) within 1 week of your checkout day if no damage is assessed.  These deposits are necessary due to the rare and expensive features we have at the ranch such as computers, pool liner, billiard table, turkish rugs, high end appliances and cookware, etc.  Guests with good reputations of past visits my have reduced or waved security deposit requirements.

Reservations: A minimum deposit of $200 must be received before arrival to lock in any reservation dates and guarantee availability.  Checks for this purpose must clear prior to lock-in.  You can confirm your reservation status via the Events Calendar page.

Discounts: Discounts for referrals are accepted.  See our referral program.   There is currently no special holiday pricing.  Occasionally there may be holiday discounts or surcharges.  See the Events Calendar for these special prices.

Payments: Payment is accepted in cash at time of arrival, checks received must be fully cleared by the time of arrival, or via paypal to sanfords@LifeWaterRanch.com. Due to fraud attempts in the past, we will not refund over payments except in cash in person once the guest has arrived and any checks are fully cleared.

Guests must also agree to and sign our standard guest contracts and wavers at check-in time.

See the Facilities page for details on our facilities.

More Details…

The main home can be rented short-term in several ways.  The main house is a no-smoking zone. Alcohol is allowed with reasonable moderation.


With the owner present

The owner may stay there with the guests in the master bedroom or not.  Having the owner there has advantages of visitation and education of the ranch and affords the owner easy access to maintain the ranch and facilities while guests are there.

Without the owner present (the whole enchilada)

Guests can also chose to ask the owner to leave the house for the duration of their stay for added privacy and use of the master bedroom.  A caretaker lives nearby but out of site if needed even when the owner is absent.  The caretaker may be doing chores around the house at times but guests can arrange for what times they wish to allow caretaker proximity.

RV hookup

Livewater Ranch is currently equipped with a single RV site with full electricity, water, and septic services.  The septic system is not designed for RV dumping so only renters of the site can use the septic system.  Non-site RVs must dump their septic systems off-site.


The extensive grounds of Lifewater Ranch and its many ponds afford excellent camping and is easily accessed by RVs, trailers, and camper shells.  Tenting is also available.  Users should be aware that there are wild animals, including wolves, that travel the property with associated risks and responsibilities.  Campfires are generally allowed when allowed by the county but campers assume full responsibility for damages caused by fire.  Water on the ranch is abundant and near-pristine but we do not encourage its use without filtering or disinfecting the water if not obtained from our wells.


Here follows a list of beds available for rent in the main house:

  • Master Bed   – sleeps 2 in 1 king size bed and 1 on the floor, only available with owner absent.
  • Girls Room   – sleeps 1 twin bed and 3 on the floor, upstairs on the West side.
  • Guest Room – sleeps 2 twin beds and 1 on the floor, upstairs center.
  • Boys Room   – sleeps 2 with a bunk bed and 3 on the floor, upstairs East side.
  • Basement      – sleeps 2 in one king size bed, 1 on a futon chair/bed, 1 on the couch and up to 6 on the floor.
  • Living Room – could accommodate 2 on couches and 3 on the floor.

Total house capacity: 10 in beds, 3 on couches, 17 on the floor.


See our current detailed rules in our guest contracts.

All buildings are non-smoking.  Fire use requires a free permit issued by Lifewater Ranch and may not be available during high fire-danger times.  Down wood is abundant and is allowed to be used for fires.

Fishing in the ponds is allowed but we ask that the fish not be taken as stocks are limited at this time.

Hunting is allowed when state hunting is allowed.  Lifewater hunting permits are required in addition to state tags.  Catch may be limited.  extra fees apply.

General sanity rules apply to pool and hot tub use.  No running, or horseplay.  All non-swimmers and children under 12 must be supervised by an adult guest at all times.  No sharp objects or pets in the pool (as it has a plastic liner).  Toys are allowed in the pool and hottub so long as they pose no danger to the facilities or users.  Use of stereo system around the pool and hot tub are allowed with prior instruction by the owner/caretaker.

Pets are allowed but may be incompatible with owner/caretaker pets so users should check this out before arrival of the pet(s).  Pets must remain outside the main ranch house at all times unless caged.  The owner has one cat and one dog that are both friendly and will be fed by caretakers.


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