Wwoofer Commitment

I have created this page and a contract for all prospective wwoofers to sign.  This formalism was necessary due to many woofusa.org members indicating interest only to abandon their plans without notice to us.  We want to make it clear that a wwoofer’s commitment to come when they say they will is a valuable promise to us.

A wwoofer not only includes members of wwoofusa.org but anyone that wishes to stay at Lifewater Ranch free in exchange for their labor.  These opportunities are typically limited to our off-season months (October-April)

Fill out the form below and submit it to us to reserve your stay.  You will receive room and  board in exchange for labor at the rate of 4 hours/day.  Note that paying guests have priority and can bump you at any time.  It is possible to stay at Lifewater Ranch while the main house is rented out but you would then likely need to camp out.  Note that at all times, paying guests have priority and can force wwoofers out of the house during their stay.  Lifewater Ranch reserves the right to refuse or terminate a wwoofer’s stay at any time.

See our guest contracts page for the woofer contract.